How do I reset or rebalance my board?

The Slasher from time to time needs a reset.
This is easy to do and the instructions to do it are here:

1. Charge the board for two hours to make sure its fully charged.
(The charger has a red light on it which illuminates when plugged in, this red light will turn to green when fully charged) Then unplug the charger.

2. Turn off board and make sure the tops of both sides of the boards are level. (very important)

3. Hold down the “on” button for 30 seconds. The blue lights should come on under the board and start flashing. Let them continue for 30 seconds.

4. Turn off the board. The reset is now complete! (try few times if it didn’t work the first time)

5. Turn on the board and have fun!


What is your returns policy?
If you are unhappy with product, we will allow you to return the item within 30 days, yes that right! – we have a no quibble 30 day returns policy. Item must be undamaged and returned in it’s original condition and packaging, including the charger and the remote control (if it had one).

Do you refund?
We do refund up to 14 days after you have received the item. Item must be undamaged/unused and returned in it’s original condition and packaging, including the charger and the remote control.
The cost of collecting the board (including administration) is £30.00.

What happens if the board breaks?
We warranty the battery & mechanical faults for 12 months! due to the nature of the product we cant be held responsible for plastic breakages/pneumatic tyre punctures (Slasher Ten models come with pneumatic tyres, Slasher One/Slasher X models come with rubber tyres).


Do you ship internationally?
We ship world-wide; however, with import duty unique to each country, email us for a quote.

How long does shipping take?
We find that orders are usually dispatched within 1 -2 business days. In rare cases, delivery can take up to 14 days. Each model/colour has expected delivery date in the description!

Will I be charged for taxes?
No. The taxes are included in your overall cost.

Which company do you use for shipping?
We currently use UKMAIL for shipping all our Slashers.


What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept all major Credit/Debit cards.
We accept PayPal.
We accept direct bank transfers.

How do I secure my board for Christmas Delivery?
We suggest buying your board way earlier to avoid Christmas rush and unhappy loved ones! The latest date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is December 10th. Most models will be available for Christmas delivery even after 10th of December, however, please get in touch with us to make sure before buying!


We will send you 4 emails in total:
1. Your order was received and is under review (if paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer, If paid by credit/debit card, see step 2)
2. Your order was accepted and is processing
3. Your order was dispatched
4. Tracking information and expected delivery date



Yes, please contact info@slasherscooters.co.uk with any wholesale enquiries.

Slasher Scooters – the UK’s leading supplier. Some people refer to these as swegways, jetboards, monorover, mini segways, swegway board, hoverboards, segway board and self balancing / balance boards, segway board uk. Please be aware that most boards are not made the same as Slashers – we only stock the highest quality self balancing boards at low prices with high-quality long-life Samsung batteries that feature a 1 year warranty. Swegway purchased from overseas will not have UK warranty, Samsung batteries, build will be very poor and they won’t last a month! We have the UK’s largest range of swegways, with many colours, wheel sizes and the option of Bluetooth speakers all available. The battery-powered balance board responds accordingly as you shift your balance around the board. It only takes a few minutes for a beginner to become THE Slasher! All of our mini segways are equipped with a set of lights on the front and rear as a safety precaution, we will soon be selling safety gear too! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or use the contact form. Orders yours today!